ASU startup teaches the community about robot design

Make-A-Pede is an open source robotics platform with a centipede-like motion that allows the robot to expand with ease as more modules are added. This robot kit was developed by ASU junior, Cole Brauer, who is a Robotics major, and his younger brother Jude Brauer. The two brothers formed the kit with the community in mind.

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With the app that comes along with the kit, it is designed to promote conversation through the forum so users can post about their struggles and success; as well as displaying any new ideas, they may have for the product.

Because this robot kit is meant to be a community effort, it is not intended to be completed entirely once it is assembled. The creator’s plan for the robot to continually evolve and improve, making it an ongoing project to work on.

The creator spoke during an interview with ASU’s State Press and stated that “Once it’s done, it’s using an Arduino-based controller, so you can program it to run autonomously or to be remotely controlled over Bluetooth,” said Cole Brauer.

A smartphone app, designed by the younger brother Jude Brauer, allows the Make-A-Pede to be remotely controlled by an HC-08 Bluetooth chip that is inserted inside in the robot.

The purpose of Make-A-Pede is to teach users various subjects in robotics. They will develop skills in mechanics, electronics, and programming. For the more advanced user, this kit will serve as a tool to challenge what they already know and work on the expansion and improvement aspect of the robot.

The Make-A-Pede website includes plans and tutorials that way users have all of the essential information they need to start building.

Make-A-Pede costs $199, and the option for additional kits vary in price from $6-$80. The packages can be purchased here.

Katherine Sorensen

Author: Katherine Sorensen

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