Gilbert startup OfferPad buys homes fast, creating convenience for homeowners

The stress of moving can be excruciating. Whether it’s collecting enough boxes from your local grocery store, deciding what to throw away, or hoping the giant cockroach you saw run under your fridge years ago is dead, it’s a lot to handle. You have enough to worry about without the actual sale of your house getting in the way. Thankfully, one startup can help you speed up the sales process so you can focus on packing.

OfferPad is a startup based in Gilbert, Arizona, whose goal is to provide a better way for homeowners to sell their home. The best part? It’s completely online. According to their website, it takes five steps to be on your way to the next chapter in your life. Desired sellers must request a purchase offer (which is free), wait 24 hours for the top purchase amount to be sent back, accept the offer, choose a closing date, and sign the purchase contract.

The company is currently buying homes in multiple markets. According to their website, OfferPad has a presence in the Phoenix, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Tampa and Orlando metro areas.

“OfferPad is only available in markets we know best. Why? Because it’s our decades of street-level experience, in these cities, that makes it possible for us to provide homeowners our top purchase price, while delivering an elevated level of service throughout the entire process,” the company’s founders said on their site.

Much like the way that Uber is changing the way we request transportation, OfferPad is anticipating a change in the way people will choose to sell their homes. By using their website, homeowners can sell their homes without the burden of keeping their house show-ready, finding a reliable realtor, and wondering if a deal will go through successfully. According to an interview with Forbes, co founder Jerry Coleman thinks the company will see major increases in numbers.

“We believe that this will become a more and more popular way to sell a home,” Coleman said.

The company has aspired to become national by the end of the decade. According to Forbes, OfferPad will be able to achieve this goal with the help of LL funds based in Philadelphia, which consist of $1.4 billion. The founders are looking to expand between four and six markets this year, and 30 additional cities in 2018. This company is offering a service that the public will soon be unable to refuse.

Joey Greaber

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