Local startup aims to revolutionize blood testing

After Frederick Abraham lost his grandmother to Alzheimer’s disease, he felt motivated to delve into medical research, according to the Phoenix Business Journal.

He studied cell signaling activity, which led to an idea for an innovative blood-testing technology. He partnered with Jocilia Moreno after meeting her at a seminar.

Moreno used her extensive network in the medical field to held Abraham launch Xtest Inc. in 2015.

The pair is working on a mobile blood test that works a lot like bedside doctors used to—patients schedule appointments through an app, and a medical assistant meets them at their home or location of choice to draw the blood.

The assistant takes then takes the blood to a nearby lab, and patients receive results through the app as soon as the tests are completed.

Xtest hopes to reduce this turnaround time and deliver results for 30,000 possible tests in just minutes using its new technology. This new device that would only require a small sample of blood is still under wraps and has not yet officially been launched. There are plans to introduce it later this year.

Abraham self-funded Xtest until he was able to raise more than $500,000 in outside funding, and he and Moreno now employ about 50 people.

The startup plans to hire an additional 100 people when it launches the service, and it is currently working with Pima Medical Institute to give the service a test run.

Xtest is a venture of Coplex, a startup accelerator in Phoenix that helps industry experts launch successful tech companies.


Jessica Swarner

Author: Jessica Swarner

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