Phoenix-based Mindset Medical raises $1.25 million in seed round

Phoenix-based med-tech startup Mindset Medical is breaking ground in the Med Tech industry. In a recent seed round, Mindset raised $1.25 million in investment capital for the release and further expansion of Informed, a mobile patient-engagement platform.  This platform allows patients to build a HIPAA-compliant health profile and check into an appointment all from the simplicity of their smartphone.

“With Informed, we will put the portability in HIPPA,” stated CEO, Mitch Foster.

Informed is replacing the archaic system of paper intake forms that patients complete for medical and family history. Mindset Medical turns makes the once paper forms digital through the free app.

When asked what initially sparked the idea for Informed, Mitch Foster stated that he got the idea while filling out forms in preparation for surgery. He added that “paper forms are simply outdated and a hassle. It was time for a change.”

Informed is introducing the simplicity of a mobile check-in experience to doctor’s offices. The platform eliminates the tedious task of filling out the same paperwork time and time again. Additionally, it saves the physician’s office time by not having to transcribe every form.

Informed is available to users with neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, pain physicians and physical therapists. These clinicians are located at five locations across Arizona, Washington, and Idaho.

The startup got their footing back in October of 2016 when they joined forces with the local startup accelerator, Coplex. In July of the following year, they successfully launched their subscription-based platform.

The team that makes up Mindset Medical is an incredible one. Mitch Foster stated that “Our medical advisory team has been instrumental in our development.” The members o the medical advisory team include:
Nicholas Theodore, MD
Kerry Knievel, DO
Alan Pitt, MD
Luis Tumialan, MD

Mindset has five founders. These men all have a background in business an/or medicine. Mark Whitehouse, COO, has extensive experience in consumer products; John Limpic, VP of Business Development, has a long-time career in medical sales; and Mitch Foster, the CEO, has a background in orthopedics, spine, and brain.

The startup has goals for what Informed will be able to do in the future that includes Patient Imaging.

Mindset Medical, LLC is actively enrolling health care provider offices throughout the southwest on an annual subscription basis.

Katherine Sorensen

Author: Katherine Sorensen

Katherine is a writer who holds a BA in English Literature from Arizona State University and works for Coplex, a local startup studio. In her spare time, Katherine can be found writing poetry, reading graphic novels, and watching Friends on Netflix for the 8th time in a row.

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