MORE is Proving You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Family for Entrepreneurship

The balance between family and business is one that nearly every entrepreneur struggles to achieve. No one should have to choose between raising a family and chasing a dream—and now, MORE is proving you don’t have to.

MORE was founded last year by Amber and Kai-Saun Anderson, a couple who struggled to keep up with standard entrepreneurial events after their son was born. Amber and Kai-Saun didn’t want to cut corners on parenting or business ownership, and instead sought to balance the two in a way that would be comfortable for their family. Their solution? To create their own local business events—and spark the formation of a community that put their businesses and their families first.

With MORE, working parents and caregivers (particularly women) receive more time, more encouragement, more support, more community, more connections, and more education than they would receive in a traditional environment. Members of the community don’t just learn about funding opportunities and marketing; they also learn about time management, parenting, and relationships. MORE’s networking events—called Milk.Beer.Wine—take place in family-friendly spaces and offer childcare services so parents can mix and mingle. Even the retreats are family-oriented, allowing parent entrepreneurs to solve business challenges while enjoying time with their spouses and kids.

In an effort to capture the beauty of family and entrepreneurship, Amber and Kai-Saun recently launched MORE Moments: a series centered on bringing busy families together. MORE Moments organizes beautiful family photoshoots for entrepreneurs and their families in unique places, like local museums and parks. When they register for a MORE Moments shoot, families receive comprehensive photo experiences or professional headshots at a special rate. It’s the perfect way to have beautiful photos taken and savor the moment with loved ones.


Photo taken by Kai-Saun Anderson.

The idea for MORE Moments came to Amber after her family’s first professional family photoshoot in 2014. “We loved the photos, and they turned out great, but our little bugger changed so quickly that after a few months, they felt obsolete. He was no longer the chubby baby in the pictures, and we didn’t want to fork up the cash for a new set of professional photos. So we stuck with cell phone photos for the rest of the year,” Amber says. “Kids change so quickly. The MORE photoshoot is designed to give families an opportunity to capture more moments throughout the year at a reasonable cost.”

MORE’s first MORE Moments photoshoot is this weekend at two locations: the Phoenix Art Museum on November 12th, and the Riparian Preserve in Gilbert on November 13th. Packages start at just $150 for professional headshots and $250 for the family photo experience. If you’re in dire need of a LinkedIn profile photo, a picture for your company’s “about us” page, a family photo for above the fireplace, or an image for this year’s Christmas card, register now before spaces fill up!

If you can’t make it to the inaugural MORE Moments photoshoot, don’t fret—the shoots occur quarterly, so you’ll get another chance in just a few months. You can also join MORE for free by signing up online, where you’ll receive updates on the latest developments and events.

Adrianna Nine

Author: Adrianna Nine

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