Say hello to your local girl gang, Babe Council.

Babe Council is a non-partisan organization that educates and empowers women to be more community and civic-minded through social activism and altruism. Think of them as Girl Scouts for grown-up: adult conversations, an action that betters the city, and a little booze. The organization works out of Galvanize, a co-working space for startups in the Warehouse District.

Babe Council began in August of 2017 after being inspired by the Women’s March that took place after the election. The founders of the group are Anjuli Morse, Amanda Stolee, and Lindsey Parsons.

Anjuli has a background in brand and strategy consulting, and this is her fourth successful startup– she started her first one at nineteen!

Amanda is a successful attorney for DCS that specializes in child services.

Lindsey Parsons, the other co-founder, has a degree in Early Childhood Education.

When asked what the initial spark for starting Babe Council was, co-founder Anjuli stated that “girls feel empowered when they are working together. I asked myself “you’ve done the march, now what?” The need is much bigger in Phoenix for women to become community advocates and be informed. I want to empower women to use their voice. Growing up, you are taught that politics is something you don’t discuss, so no one knows how to use their voice in this regard. We want to change that.”

image from Babe Council Facebook

The impact that Babe Council hopes to have is to engage and empower women in their local communities. They aim to educate others on issues that are important and instill community-minded thinking. They want to stress the importance of not voting for things we as individuals need but voting for things the community needs. Kindness is a core value to Babe Council, and they want to make it known that small actions DO count.

“We can all make an impact, no matter how small the action.”— Anjuli.

Babe Council is open to any and all women. They want this to be a safe space for women to be involved and connect with others in their community. Men are encouraged to show their support by donating to the causes that Babe Council supports.

“We want to be a support system for the community and the individual women in babe council. Not just political action. I wish that I had a circle of strong and supportive women when I was younger to be mentored and learn from”, stated Anjuli.

Upcoming events:

Guns and Roses:

This event will educate women on what to do if they ever find themselves in a public place with a gunman. During this 60 minute training, attendees will get expert advice and practical strategies for surviving an attack from an active shooter.

Sign up here.

Katherine Sorensen

Author: Katherine Sorensen

Katherine is a writer who holds a BA in English Literature from Arizona State University and works for Coplex, a local startup studio. In her spare time, Katherine can be found writing poetry, reading graphic novels, and watching Friends on Netflix for the 8th time in a row.

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