Startup Pitch Submission

Searching for investors for your startup? Looking to share your innovative business with the world? Publish your startup pitch with TechAZ!

Startups must be less than five years old and considered early-stage by founders according to the company’s overall business plan. They should also have completed two institutional funding rounds or less.

Though startups are provided a great deal of freedom in terms of pitch content, their pitches must meet certain requirements:

  • Be between 500-1500 words in length
  • Contain an elevator pitch (one- or two-sentence summary of your company and its mission)
  • Contain a comprehensive description of your product or service
    • This should make up the bulk of your pitch
  • Describe how your startup differs or conquers the competition
  • Describe the founders’ backgrounds and qualifications
  • Contain the following links and information:
    • Headquarters (city/state)
    • Founder(s)
    • Investors(s) – if bootstrapped, please indicate
    • Year startup was founded
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • CrunchBase
    • AngelList

Startups who would like to publish their startup pitch on TechAZ should also include a screenshot or product shot (one to three) to accompany the pitch and further illustrate their overall mission. Pitches should be proofread and polished before submitting.

Author or Contact Name (please include the name of the person you would like to attribute the Pitch to--both first and last)

Author or Contact Email Address (if you're submitting for the author, please enter your email address)

Website that Validates Professional Credentials of Author or Contact (LinkedIn, etc.)--please do not link to a company or promotional website unless it is to a bio of the author.

Your Startup Pitch (500-1500 words in length)


Include image (screenshot/product shot or logo - up to 3 files, 5MB limit each)

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