Tempe company Instant Data Centers reinvents the data center industry

Instant Data Centers (IDC) was born in Tempe, AZ in December of 2015 when Russ Dailey, the CTO of IDC, knew of a company with a brilliant idea and product that was, unfortunately, going bankrupt. Russ bought the company in an auction, and Instant Data Centers was born. The technology was cutting-edge, and Russ was ready to maximize its full potential and successfully get the product out into the world.

With the amount of virtual content flying around in this day and age, the data center space is rapidly growing in terms of capability and demand. It’s of critical importance that data is physically close to its users, and Instant Data Centers understands this better than anyone. “With Edge Computing, the speed of light is not fast enough,” says Russ. Rather, the company has broken the mold on traditional data centers and replaced them with a more user-friendly experience. Instead of companies having their IT equipment far away, racking up an enormous electric bill, and having less security control over their data, IDC makes it so businesses can save up 65 percent on those expenses, have their equipment closer to home, and keep it secure.

With data storage like the cloud that became all the rage a few years back, many people thought they had found a solution to their data storage needs. However, companies aren’t able to rely just on the cloud anymore—it’s too slow. Instead of a macro data center,  people can have a micro data center virtually anywhere to make fast and secure data a reality.

Instant Data Centers concentrates on entities that are poised and ready for micro data centers, such as the government, healthcare facilities, natural resource companies, telecommunications, media and entertainment, and the oil and gas industry, which just so happens to be their biggest client! The data is on-site and secure, making it the ideal solution for large corporations—and small business, too!

COO Laura Dailey, an Arizona native, stated that “Arizona is such a hotspot for tech, it’s even been called the ‘Southwest Silicon Valley.’ There’s so much space with no major natural disasters, and that makes for the perfect environment for our product.” Arizona has increasingly become very friendly to tech companies and developed into an ideal tech hub for many businesses, making Instant Data Centers in the perfect place to thrive.

This year IDC announced that Gavin Miller had become their new CEO. Gavin is a pre-series lead investor and came from AVNET, one of the world’s largest distributors of electronic components. He has become an incredible asset to the Instant Data Centers family. He recognizes the demand for Edge Computing and plans to continue growing IDC while remaining economically and environmentally friendly.

When asked what sort of changes IDC hopes to effect with their product, COO Laura Dailey said that they “really hope to affect the ability for a company to operate in a way that works with their business plan. We want companies to know they have the flexibility to organize their infrastructure. You don’t have to be tied down. You have to get the content to the end user, you have to put it closer—and businesses can have what they need.” Instant Data Centers’ angle is very environmentally friendly. It’s power-conservative and saves companies money over time.  Their data centers put the IT equipment wherever the client wants, and that is what makes IDC so revolutionary.

If you happen to stop by IDC, be sure to ask for the office cat, Andy—he’s the real boss of the joint.

Katherine Sorensen

Author: Katherine Sorensen

Katherine is a writer who holds a BA in English Literature from Arizona State University and works for Coplex, a local startup studio. In her spare time, Katherine can be found writing poetry, reading graphic novels, and watching Friends on Netflix for the 8th time in a row.

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