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In the technology sector, recruiting and retaining top talent is critical to continuous innovation and success in an ultra-competitive industry. Having the right tools in your arsenal – and more importantly, knowing how to use them – is a crucial component of winning the ongoing war for talent.

One of the tools in your arsenal should be office perks. Nap pods, game rooms, free lunches. Corporations are investing big dollars in providing employees with a great office experience, which in turn makes employees more productive.

But with so many perk options, how do you decide what to invest in to make your employees happiest? In our recent experience working with some of the most prominent tech companies throughout the U.S., we’ve compiled a list of the top three perks that seem to go the extra mile with employees.

  1. The office coffee bar

In-house baristas are all the rage these days. More corporate offices, including JLL, are adding fully staffed coffee bars to keep employees happy. But this perk is more than just a one-man cart in the corner. Baristas are accompanied by cool, casual areas where employees can take a break or meet outside of the typical conference room.

  1. Partnerships with ride-sharing operators

In efforts to overcome parking costs or parking shortages, some office landlords are forming partnerships with Uber and Lyft, subsidizing transportation costs for tenants. These partnerships have been hits in dense areas where accessibility may pose a risk to attracting employees. The partnerships have also helped car-less employees bridge the gap from public transit to suburban offices.


  1. A Chief Happiness Officer

Sure, this title may sound a little weird, but having someone on staff completely dedicated to the happiness of your employees can pay off immensely. A recent JLL survey on human experience revealed that a sense of engagement, empowerment, and fulfillment are what people want from the workplace, and employees care about these factors more than salary, security, and benefits.

As you think about what may work best for your office environment, it’s important to note that perks should reflect culture, not create it. Many companies that have implemented off-beat amenities and playful workplace design aren’t reaping the rewards of their tech industry peers. That’s because a workplace must align with a company’s culture first. Check out my article How to Make Your Workplace Reflect Your Company Culture to learn how to build a strong workplace strategy.

Matthew Coxhead

Author: Matthew Coxhead

Matthew Coxhead is an Executive Vice President at the JLL Phoenix office, where he specializes in representing tenants in office leasing transactions. Through his relationships with corporations both locally and nationally, he guides his clients through their most important real estate decisions.

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